Date Based Archives


When Textpattern was first created, the only article URL scheme included an ID because that made sense to Dean Allen – it was the way he made his own site, Textism.

As time went on, more options were introduced.

Built in are a number of new permalink url schemas, which are easily switched via admin -> prefs. These include the familiar /section/id/title, /id/title, /year/month/day/title, and, for the very brave, /title (note that ‘title’ in all instances refers to the ‘url title’, which is now stored in the database rather than calculated at runtime) – Txp 1.0 RC3 Available

And even back then, there was a desire to have archives that could be generated by date, a feature found in some other cms.

This new FAQ entry describes some techniques for creating a list of articles grouped by month, section, category etc, using the new <txp:if_different> tag – Archive lists by month (section, category, etc) with 4.0.2

So eventually I came up with this.

It has obviously taken a while but I have most of a solution now. – Date-Based Archives – Yearly, Monthly, Daily, and Complete

Since this there has been a series of iterative changes. But recently things changed.

Up to now, it responds automatically to /YYYY/MM/ urls. In a future version, thanks to etc, it will also respond automatically to /YYYY/ urls. You can already try that out now by downloading the dev version from Github. That may have your situation solved already. – Home Page vs Date Based Archive Help

This is the result.

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